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This store is one of several, with eighteen Ontario locations. It has one store in each city with a population of 100,000 or more. The Greater Toronto Area has six locations. Each store is 1000 sq. ft. in area. The mission of GenuWine, Beer and Spirits is to carry only products which are truly local to their region. They are made by the principles of quality, and tradition, and also innovation if it does not harm the product authenticity. Included are quality local wines and beers from smaller wineries and breweries which have been underrepresented at the LCBO and The Beer Store. There is an excellent selection of imported products from quality producers. Also carried are quality ciders and sakes. Coolers, premixed cocktails, Cellared in Canada wine, and mainstream beer and cider are not stocked. As much as possible, the passionate and highly-informed staff have completed wine certification, or are enrolled in wine educational programs. They appreciate other products such as craft beers. They love to pass on their knowledge without intimidation. Stock is arranged by region and producer, with informative displays on each major region. Products which have corks are stored on their sides. Stores are energy-efficient to keep stores comfortable and keep wine temperatures stable without excessive air conditioning. Lighting has UV filtering to minimize damage to the products. The Canadian wine section has a detailed display on VQA, its basic requirements of origin. There is a short explanation of Cellared in Canada, to clarify the difference between the two categories. The website (which is also accessible on a store terminal) allows customers to print a concise list which identifies products which meet specific criteria (variety / style, country / appellation, and price). It directs them to the specific shelf location. There are monthly promotions to introduce customers to categories with which they may be unfamiliar. During peak times, there are organized tastings of products which provide exceptional value in the $12 to $25 price range. After such tastings, opened products which are still fresh may still be sampled. Seminars, with tasting, are also conducted for a nominal $20 fee per person. Presenters are from local wineries and breweries, as well as Ontario wine agents, wine and beer writers, and sometimes overseas producers. Each store has a video link to allow remote seminars. Slower-moving products (and those with limited shelf life) are regularly be discounted, allowing people with limited budgets to become valued customers. Special orders can be fulfilled. Necessary research is done at no charge. Customers need supply only the name of the producer and some product details. There is also a small section devoted to wine accessories such as corkscrews, wine racks, and wine preservation systems. There are also quality books and magazines on wine, beer and spirits.

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Wines stocked in this shop

  •   Syrah
  •   Cabernet Franc
  •   Gewürztraminer
  •   Cabernet Sauvignon
  •   Riesling
  •   Sauvignon Blanc
  •   Gamay Noir
  •   Pinot Noir
  •   Cabernet Merlot
  •   Rose
  •   Chardonnay
  •   Merlot

Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Sauvignon
Sauvignon Blanc
Gamay Noir
Pinot Noir
Cabernet Merlot

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